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Wanted to let people know i can do the jango flight suit and vests if anyone needs one.Constructed same as the boba suits but with jango colors/details.made of medium weight pre-shrunk cotton or send me your material and I can make one from that if you prefer.
Vest are made of pleather ..this is the better pleather that has the look and feel of leather but isnt it even has the leather grain and texture.
I have industrial machines so i can sew leather if you prefer...You would have to provide the material though.
Don't mean to jump the thread, but I'm proudly using Skygunbro's Jango suit & vest. I recommend them, and you don't have to wait too long. Great communication as well. Here's some pics.:



I hope I did them justice.
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Thanks I will try and post some pics as well...the color of the suit is lighter than in the pics abaove its like a steel bluish grey color....
Also I wanted to appologize to Galactic bounty hunter as I noticed he awhile back posted thread about doing a Jango suit/vest run before I posted this thread...
I dont want to step on any toes...I realize there are multiple people on these boards that make the same items,but i didnt mean to hijack any intrest with his thread.
suits are 130.00 vest are 60.00 plus shipping of course.Suits are made of medium weight pre-shrunk cotton.vests are made of pleather which has the same look and grain as leather but isnt. This isnt the shiny smooth pleather but the better leather grained stuff.
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