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Hello everyone,

Well this is my first time posting here since the big move form the old forum. Well this last weekend was a little CON called Farpoint in Hunt Valley MD. Mainly a Star Trek inspired con. I decided to take Jango down from his mannequin and wear him once last time before C3 and then full retirement. I have worn him so much that things just don't stay together as I want them to and fixing or replacing parts is just too expensive. I wished I would've went with metal armor 3 years ago. Anyway, the CON was real fun with many Garrisons showing up and the first Imperial Olympics with Team Ghetto Garrison (all members from Tyranus) winning the gold. Warning: some of these pics are not for the weak!:lol:


That is an awesome Jango, retiring you say? What keeps breaking?

How tall are you anyways? your rocket on your jet pack is way up there but it looks like its seting right on your back.
Thanks Cal,

I am about 6' 1" feet tall in costume. My rocket is not the correct size, its huge. As for breaking stuff, you know how it is, CON goers bump into you. I have lost my dart twice, several buttons on my left gauntlet, thrusters crack from people bumping into me. Both gauntlets and knee armor are also in bad shape with a lot of cracks. I use to wear it a lot a year ago and decided to put it up for a while before I lost more parts. I took it down this one last time just to show some new members of our garrison the suit. I also did one of the Ringwraiths at the con and that was a lot of fun as well.
Thats an awesome ringwraith, Are you the Witchking of Angmar?

I seen some gauntlets and gloves on eBay but they where 500 bucks
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I saw your suit in person there that day. It looked great to me. (y)
I wore mine the next day.


Oh yeah! My rocket was straight up but that is another story.(y)

Yeah I saw your suit there on Sunday and let me tell you I have seen a lot of Jango's and your suit just blew me away! Top notch stuff there. Looked like real metal to me, is it? Your Gauntlets were off the hook too!
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