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Hey folks. thought I'd show a few pics of my newly painted chest armor &newly completed vest. the armour is MLC & I absolutely love it!!! Thanx Mardon. I havn't decided if I like the paint job or not yet, so thought I'd get a few opinions if some of you would be kind enough to offer constructive critism. I screwed up on the center diamond, so I'll have to redo that. The vest isn't perfect either, I think the shoulder bells are too long, but I guess it will work for now. Anyway, thanx for looking. Thanx again for hostin Secol!!!:)




Nice man, good to finally see a ESB paint chest armour around here. What colors did you use on that???

-Tim Allen
You using snaps for the chest and abdomen pieces and velcro for the shoulder bells and neck/shoulder pieces?

How long did it take to get your armor from over seas, whats it made from ya de da de da.

Thanx guys!!! I'm using snaps for the chest pieces and the velcro on the shoulders works OK, but I'll add a pair of snaps there as well. Armour is fg and the quality is unbelievable!!! took a while to get it, but then I had been "in" on this before the cardboard mockups were even completed. It is well worth waiting for this stuff!
Edit: Heres a pic of me wearing it w/ some of my other parts in various stages of completion. Its a crummy pic, (flash throws off the colors :)) but you can kinda get an idea of the size/relation etc... For colors I used testors aluminum plate for the base, the green is Rustoleum satin w/ heavy misting of Testors dark gull grey.

Yup, I used an airbrush (walmart cheapy) for the grey: Tesors Drk Gull Grey #36231, I also added just a tiny bit of Testors Steel: #1780 for a bit of metalic sheen, both are enamel paints. The green is just the Rustoleum satin spruce green that many used a while back, the # is CC87752 & it comes in a spraycan & you should be able to get it at your local walmart, if not, let me know & I'll send you a can. I probably would have used Rouge studios recomendation of the US med. green, but I couldn't find any in my area :( I think the Rustoeum looks pretty decent though if you airbrush grey over the top of it. Thanx again for the comments & hope that helps:)
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