I've got the armor.. Now what?


Thanks to a talented board member (thanks!!) I've got Sintra Jango armor pieces, all cut, shaped and everything. I spent the evening watching Stargate Atlantis and sanding the edges to get it all nice and smooth. I need to prime and paint it next..

My question is:

Can you point me to threads or sites that will help me with the following?

How to attach the armor to vest/jumpsuit/shoes?

and Convert a DP97 to a Jango helmet?

I'm not going for perfect accuracy at first (I'll upgrade as I go along), and I'll be winging it quite a bit since this is my first Fett, and first armored costume. I'm pretty handy with stuff though so it is just a matter of knowledge and free time.

I have currently:
- Armor (unprimed, and unpainted)
- Guns (rubies)
- Holsters (rubies, but I am only using them as a template to make new ones out of leather)
- Helmet (DP97)
- Jumpsuit (on order)

so you can see I'm just getting started, but the armor is a big jump in progress...

Any help is appreciated..

Glad you like the armor. I've been in semi-retirement from armor making but doing this set and my own for my Jodo Kast has reminded me of how much fun it can be. Thanks to WizardofLight for the awesome templates.
Here you go: (ignore my dirty floor, the vaccum is broken.)

JangoFettSintraArmor 004.jpg

JangoFettSintraArmor 002.jpg

JangoFettSintraArmor 001.jpg
Thanks for the pictures those are looking good. It is great seeing drawings turned into reality.

I have also finished drawings up the Jango shoe armor. I'll post them later after I finish the knee armor for both. And I have adjusted the shoulder armor as suggested on the other thread.

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Call me crazy badger, but I swear that the upper portion of the sintra armor is cut like Boba, not Jango. Don't get me wrong though, it's awsome armor! I have some Jodo_Kast armor now and it's MUCH better than the old armor I had, and I'm almost done making it all awsome! Goodluck with your Jango!
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