Its finished... Finnaly!!!


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(y) (y) (y) (y) :D :D :D
And she's done, and here she is!! I am so proud of this helmet. It was so fun to do!!! Hopefully when I get the new MS it will blow this paint job out of the water!!! Especially with the MS Interior to truly bling that sucker out!! Good stuff. I would like to thank all the good folks here at this forum, for without your posts and shared knowledge I could not have done this helmet.

Hope you like it, P.S. I have not glued the RF ear cap so if it looks a little off in placement that is why. I am going to attach it via magnets but didn't want to wait to do this photo!





WOW!!:eek: ......great job Evan/Jeff ;) ......
So I take it this was your practice bucket??

Still either way.. Great work..(y)
Nice pictures too.
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No, the first pic I ever posted of my progress was on my practice bucket. This was a bucket that a good friend bought from the same guy and wanted me to paint it for him. Having never painted a Fett before or a Starwars helmet for that matter I got my self a helmet, practiced everything on it and then applied what I learned on this one.

I will post links with hier res versions of the same shots, and the 2 angles I am missing so that you can view them without all that compression.
It was a hodge podge of topica and masking. All the main scratches were done with masking fluid. All the blending including the dirt coming up the cheeks were done with an art sponge.
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