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Hello all, I've been away for quite some time. I've let myself go too, so I'm starting to lose some weight (nobody wants to see Boba Fatt lol). My goal is to lose a bunch of weight this year and be able to go to my first Dragon con next year in my FINALLY completed PP2 Boba. I never finished my PP2 Fett after selling my gauntlets and JP with the idea of upgrading. So, seeing as how I've been away for 5+ years, I'm curious who's best to contact for JPs (preferably someone who can do a paint job too). Also, is anyone making PP2 gauntlets yet? I really don't wanna have to kitbash them together lol.

Other needs for completion is a flak, shin tools, girth belt, neck seal, and chest board...and maybe a voice changer. included a pic of me from my trooping days. Thanks in advance, and can't wait to talk with you all again.

Boba ME.jpg


I loooooove the pre-pro Fetts, especially the one with the clasp where you can draw the cape over you and clip it to the other side like Clint Eastwood :cool: I also love those orange-ish gloves with the patch and the mishmash colors with the yellow and red gaunts. Good luck with your build man!!!

Vable Boba

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Thanks! I realy liked the ROTJ initially, but then when I saw the pre pro suit, I just fell in love. Sometime down the road I'd like to do a mashup of my favorite armors...PP2 with ESB bucket and Jango holsters and pistols.

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Welcome back!

Actually, I do JPs, helmets, and gauntlets only Ghost... Currently dont make armor ..but thanks for the shout! :)

Like was mentioned, Wasted Fett does JPs, gauntlets and Armor, as does Animefan. Major/FAC have taken over IOA/RKD for Will (R.I.P.) and they make Armor and gauntlets.

As far as PP2, i believe stormtrooperguy 3D modeled that left gauntlet top and will be printing one for himself he may be willing to sell you one. I had intentions on doing that one as well but too many things on my plate at the moment!