** IT\'S DONE! ** MLC FG RotJ AND ESB Blaster Rifle

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** IT'S DONE! ** MLC FG RotJ AND ESB Blaster Rifle

::Update - 5 November 2003::

Both versions finished except for a few greeblies.

More info to follow once I have confirmation of a few things.

Thought I'd put the pics up as eye candy!

Pic 1 is various greeblies. Split plugs and 6 hole blaster blocks are the found parts in the pic, the rest are scratchbuilt. Waiting for some V8 connectors (found parts) and the centre ESB stock greeblie (scratchbuilt).

No trimming or sanding will be necessary, but greeblies will come loose and need gluing on so they can be put wherever.

Scope not included, flash not included,







::END UPDATE - 11/5/03::

::Update - 3 November 2003::

Another pic of progress!

Here's the blaster in ESB barrel.

What else can we see.

Well, top right is the RotJ barrel in mid clean up with fins attached.

On the stock is a card mock up of the greeblie that sits on both sides of the chamber on the RotJ version.

Under the blaster you can see the split plug and scope block found parts.

You can also see a scope ring mardon found at a local auto parts store, and under that are a couple of early drawings of the diameters of the scope rings (front and back) allowing for the taper.

The scope and flash handle are Mardon's.

Some other greeblies have been sourced, but have yet to arrive with Mardon and we're waiting for some info and pics on one in particular (hopefully) so should have a bit more news soon.

In the meantime the clean up continues.

I previously posted that we'd have pics of the cleaned up blaster the next day after posting the last pics. Mardon has corrected me on that (entirely my fault). I assumed they came out of the mould ready to go, and assumed that "clean up" meant 5 mins rub down with some fine sand paper, but there is in fact a a significant amount of work involved including hours and hours of bondo, sand, bondo sand, bondo, sand, etc. And it's all done by hand, no machines. So my apologies to Mardon for having got it so wrong, and to the rest of you for getting hopes up. Entirely my mistake!

Updates to follow when available.

Well, here's the pic. Enjoy:


::End 11/03/03 update::

::Update - 31 October 2003::

Just had another quick chat with Mardon. It’s late there and he won’t get anything further done on this today, so rather than wait for the “clean” pics, I thought I’d post the “straight out of the mould” pics to update.

I’ll post the cleaned up pics once I get them, probably tomorrow.

Ok, what you can see in pic 1 is the RotJ version, minus barrel fins, scope mounts and greeblies. The fins, mounts and greeblies will all be included of course.

What you see in pics 2 is how it comes. In 3 parts for ease of shipping, transport and storage. Barrel(s), body and stock. You can also see the ESB barrel there too.

The barrels are “plug ins” so they can be interchangeable. Separate barrels will be available if you want one of each version without the expense of having to buy 2 separate blasters. The greeblie sets will also be available separately for the same reason.

The greeblies will come loose so you stick ‘em where you want ‘em, permanently or semi-permanently (in case you want to switch between versions).

They will be in black Gel-coat and black paint. I think the RotJ barrel fins will be attached, but I await confirmation of that. Scope mounts will be attached.

Better pics tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these. Any questions, post or PM them.

Here are the pics:




::End 10/31/03 update::

::Update - 17 August 2003::

Gun body, trigger and hammer card mock ups finished.

Barrels for RotJ and ESB in progress

Wiper blades card mock up finished.

Here's a pic:


::Update - 16 August 2003::

Both versions of the gun barrel taking shape. Gun body and trigger/hammer done.


::End Update::

::Update - 14 August 2003::

Hi All,

Well, after a bit of a delay, my Webley & Scott stock finally made it to Mardon. It got there this morning (14 August) and here are the progress pics so far








I’m impressed so far. (notice my significant use of understatement here!)

More updates as and when I get them from Mardon.

Post or PM me with any questions.


::End update::

In the meantime, here's the interest list so far:

1. Defiler - RotJ
2. Oppi - RotJ
3. Hansoloway - RotJ
4. Geoffett - ESB
5. Mattrinck - RotJ
6. Ego - ESB
7. Crisisfilms - ESB
8. Batninja - RotJ
9. Prymer - RotJ

Greetings all.

Firstly, I'm at work so this'll be brief.

I'm grinning like an idiot typing this as I've been trying to work out how to get this off the ground since I first got to know MLC. :D

Here's the story. Your friendly FG wizard and I, along with another member who is more than welcome to chime in if he would like, have been knocking around this idea for a while.

The idea was that MLC could scratchbuild a mock up of the RotJ EE-3, bondo it etc (You know how he operates by now, surely ;) ), but he wanted an original webley to cast, or alternatively, an original stock, D ring and grip, as these are the trickiest parts for him and he wanted at least one original part for sizing reference. The other Member and I have been trying to get hold of one for a while with no success.

I am now pleased to say that through a friend of mine, who knows an antique arms dealer close to where I live, I have got hold of an original Webley and Scott Stock, D ring and Pistol grip, as found on the infamous Mk1 flare rifle and various other W&S pieces. Like I said, I'm at work, but will post pics when I'm home.

I've spoken to MLC and he is confident that with this stock assembly and all the visual references available he'll be able to create a FG RotJ EE-3 blaster. He will cast my stock assembly and also use it to get the correct sizing and scale reference for the remainder which he will scratchbuild. I daresay he might also use it to help with an ESB EE-3, but that's his choice along with anyone that's helping him with it, and I'll let them expand on that if necessary in the appropriate thread. I'm fine with this :), but it's just not my place to comment on it.

This, then, is the interest thread for a fully FG MLC RotJ Blastech EE-3.

We have no firm idea as to price, yet, but you should all know MLC tries to keep the cost as reasonable as he can. Having spoken to him, though, he did say that with all the detail (barrell fins, etc) it might be a bit labor intensive. The price may or may not be better than currently available kits. This project is not intended to be a replacement for them, simply an alternative. Remember, it's FG through and through so if you prefer a heavier, real feeling, version, resin's the way to go. If you want a lightweight, very robust alternative, this might be of interest. I't won't be any MORE accurate than others as it's a found part and we all know what it looks like, but it will be AS accurate. I'm sure there will be plenty of progress pics as we go along

Early information suggests you should get everything you need, with the exception of the sight. This would be too fiddly to do cheaper than you can buy them anyway, and it wouldn't be a working sight, so it seems sensible to leave this out.

We're toying with the idea of a moving trigger, but this may increase the complexity of the work and therefore the price. Your thoughts on the trigger would be welcome.

OK guys and girls. Who's interested? No commitments at this stage, we're just seeing if it's viable. availablity and pricing will follow when we can.

Oh, and when we're done making the molds, I'll be selling the Stock assembly. I'll accept offers of what I paid for it now (PM or mail for details), but if there are none, it'll go off to ebay.

Cheers. (Still grinning, madly - must get back to work!)

I'm interested for the ROTJ EE-3 but with no working trigger.
I hope this project lift's up since I dont have a blaster yet.
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i would be interested greatly pending price. As i am doing jango the EE-3 would just be a prop for display for me

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There might be an ESB version sometime soon, but this is strictly RotJ only at the moment dude. Sorry.

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Tell me about it :lol:

I started off thinking I'd just do a couple of sentences. Ended up 20 mins later looking over my shoulder every other word and using Alt-tab like a madman!

Brief update. There might be an ESB version in the works too if there's the interest levels, so Geoff - looks like we might be able to help you out after all buddy!

Should get pics of my stock up tonight.

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Well then . . . let me add my name near the top of the ESB interested list! :)

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OK, the pics are up at the top now, so go see.

What would be of great assistance is if anyone with an original webley could provide precise and detailed measurements of barrel length, and external diameter, along with any measurements of the body (height, width, length) etc.

Help in this will help create a very accurate ESB blaster. We're also after dimensions of the barrel clamps, or details as to what they are if they are now found.

Most of the RotJ blaster will be down to MLC with his trusty ruler, exacto and card stock, and once this is rolling, we'll get pics up of what's been acheived, then invite critiques, so we get as accurate as we can.

We'll have more of an idea of price once MLC has the stock and his workers have an idea of what is involved in making the blaster, which they can't get until MLC has created the card and bondo master. I'll be shipping the stock this weekend, so watch this space!

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Simon, that stock is stunning buddy! :D
I love it, looks so.....sexy! If stocks could look sexy that is ;)

Fabulous work man...but I wouldn't expect less from you after recieving the vest! ;)

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Just another heads up, but I finally managed to get my Real World Webley Grips, thanks to a fellow Fetthead and will be having it shipped to Mardon, if there is an interest for having FG mods for the MLC ROTJ Blaster. An alternative if you want both grips instead of the one.

Here they are:

One of the wild ideas Si, Mardon and me were throwing around was using this base Webley Flare pistol and having Mardon mold over it, with help from measurements taken off the Real World Webley.

As is, I'm trying to locate one here in Singapore from the old British Historical Camps/Museum. Longshot I know but my Sis, who's an Art/Histories Curactor here is/am helping me out. :)

WWII British Webley & Scott No.3 mk.I Flare Pistol:

And yes, I'm the 2nd Gunman on the knoll. :D

Stay safe.

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That,s great. Si, your pictures of the stock are not showing any more. Si, Halo, MLC thanks for the efort you are giving this project.
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Just updating the bottom of the thread for those, like me, that skip straight to the bottom.

There are progress pics at the top.


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i'm interested in an ROTJ version. Skip the working trigger, though. That's alot of work for nothing, I think.
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