is this ebay seller trustworthy?


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well, there is a person on ebay selling a few webley & scott mk1 kits, and i just wanted to know if he was a trustworthy seller, the name is VatiCast Studios.

could anyone tell me if they are good to buy from or not

oops for some reason it added a link got rid of it though
SingleSeat said:
Sidewinder's kit is definitely the way to go anyway...

I agree 100%! Ya can't go wrong with sidewinders kit. The cast is as close as you can get to having the real thing....(y)
Sidewinder does excellent work!

With Fett stuff always remember - you get what you pay for.
Buying cheaper made stuff will make it look cheap in the end.
My 2 cents.
Sidewinder sounds like the man with the plan for this kit. I was asking the same questions asked here, luckily I was directed to this thread so now I know where to get my kit, perhaps for Christmas...

I do have another question. The Vaticast kit didn't seem to have the pieces that makes the barrel look ribbed. Where do you get those parts? Since I'm going the custom Mando route, I'd like to customize my EE3 so it's different than Boba's in one way or another-perhaps grenade or flechette missiles like on my blasters. Hmmm...

Yes, stay away from the re-caster kit.

Sidewinder is the one I recommend to everyone who is still asking me for a kit from TK409's web site.
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