Is this bucket worth keeping intact?


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I've pretty much given up on Boba and I'm doing a custom Mando instead.

So I have this professionally repainted DP 97 that I picked up off of Ebay, and I just can't make myself repaint it because it's SO pretty.

My question, O gurus of the helmet, am I just way to attached to this paint job, or am I better off selling or trading this helmet and buying one that isn't painted?



if you can't force yourself to repaint over it I would sell it on Ebay.

if you do good luck w/ your auction and look forward to seeing your custom in the works.
Julie, with your size I would do what I am doing for my wife, I got bought her a white DP 95. You might also find a fiberglass copy of a DP 95. Anything else might look way to big. Then I just trimmed it the T out, filled it dent, and primed it. Now she just has to pic a color.
Asok hit the nail on the head here... If I replace this puppy, it would only be with another DP or a copy of one. I need a little helmet more than I need an accurate one. So, I guess the question I'm trying to get at, is the paint job good enough to justify keeping the helmet as-is and buying another DP?
I have never seen a DP97 in person, but the dome always seem to look flat in pictures. The paint job is not really screen acurate, almost a cross between ESB and ROTJ. But it does seem like a pretty decent paint job. I bet you could sell it on ebay, and get close to enough money for a stock DP95 or 96 when one pops up.
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