Is anything being done to recover the toe spikes money?


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UPDATE: He's selling a Boba Fett costume on ebay right now. His ebay name is geminitraders2000

The auction includes a pair of brand new Fett boots... I wonder who paid for those and never received them.


Is anything being done to recover money from Scott [last name removed] for boot spikes that never materialized?

I'm in the UK so there's not much point in my filing a case of fraud with the police over here.

Someone in the US should start a list and report this thieving scumbag to the authorities.

His boardname: mandaloriangear1
His e-mail:

Please PM Kurtyboy if you're wanting his name and addy
Absolutely no idea. But I'd imagine its a lot easier to get these things resolved by the authorities on their home soil.

If I had paid with credit card I would have recovered the money that way.

How many people didn't get their boot spikes?

Baddblood wrote:

Isn't there a wire fraud law in the UK?
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