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Well, I'd like to introduce my 10 yo Daughter, Kristy, as Jorina Varis (Mandalorian Commando).

It all started with this thread....

Considering the search function and all the wealth of infromation on this board, we pulled together a custom Mandalorian suit for my daughter. Please understand that this was a hardware, toy store and cheap eBay effort, so I know that she doesn't represent to a tee a known Mandalorian. She's still got the skirt to go, we just need to find a purple to match her helmet and armour. I was going to go with a Teras Kasi master armour type thing (see SWG) but I liked the look of a cartoon pic I saw recently (I don't want to re-post it as it's not my image to use).

Anyway, without further ado, here's Jorina (in all of her 4ft 10 glory in costume)....




Thanks again to all here for all of the info I needed, your posts here DO have an impact, whether you know it or not.

Also I'd like to thanks Boba Al for the Bantha skull decal and his support during the build, you're a legend Mate!


Well here's some pics we took this afternoon.....

On our way to the location...


Picked up some local wildlife along the way....


Turns out that she's a good lookout....


They must be around here somewhere....




Payback time.....


Ok, now that's taken care of, time to wander Tatooine.....


Phew it's hot here.....


That's all folks, please forgive a proud Dad, I had to post them :plush


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OrtharRrith said:
Absolutly brilliant (y) She looks great, I'm pleased to see the next generation of Mandalorians looking so good.

WOW, that was a quick response :)

Thanks so much for your kind reply OrtharRrith, it's very much appreciated. I'll do a bit by bit rundown of her suit soon, there's a few quirky things on it that people might go " ohhh, that's a cheap alternative"

Thanks again,

Why am I suddenly overcome with images of an ewok under Boba's helm? o_O
Very nice suit, I see that your very proud to pass this hobby down to your children.
That is totally awesome! I love the outfit. You did a great job. I just cain't wait until my kids grow up big enough that I can make them some custom mando costumes.
Thanks for your kind comments :)

Her bucket is a DP95 I bought cheap off eBay, you can see it in it's original state in the link in my first post. The gauntlets were bought off eBay too, actoylab was the person. I'm not too sure if I'm allowed to mention eBay names here, but I did as a word of warning, if you're after full size gauntlets, don't buy these. In a way I lucked out that the're small, but I'd hate it if I were doing a suit for myself.

Anyway, it was a budget build ($337.57 USD) so we're pretty happy. She looks MUCH better in person, the stills can't show the flashing LED's and you can't hear her audio, which I've put in the pouches on her belt/bandolier. Her helmet, for comfort, has 2 small ball raced fans.

Well, thanks again for your comments and also for contributing to this board, if it weren't for you guys and gals, I couldn't have pulled together a suit like this.


Ladies and gents this costume Yakcam has built is awesome i have seen most of it in person but these photos do it no justice!!

Congrats Kraig on a fantastic finish to the costume your daughter looks fantastic in it and shes got an awesome dad for you to take your time out and build one for her!

Well done looks trumps and i cant wait to stand side by side at the next Troop!!
arctroopomega5 said:
Saw this on the SWG forums. That's awesome man, your kid is lucky to get into costuming so early. Hope she enjoys it as much as you do!

Hey Mate :) do you play SWG? I haven't logged on for a few weeks, I must do so soon and say "HI" to a few mate's who're probably wondering where I am.

Anyway, Thanks again everyone.

Here's a few itemised pics, I hope you enjoy them.

Since Jorina was to spend a bit of time in her suit, cooling had to be installed......


I did the small bits of foam as opposed to a large one, with the theory that it will help with the movement of air around her head.


The left one has bits added from things around the house and the buttons at the side are square anti slip pads that are used on the bottom of chairs etc. I've painted them with Mandalorian letters, R (ready missile), P (preignition) I (ignition) F (fire) L (left) R (right) for guidance. The LED's are turned on and off with the opposing switches.



Oh and if you're wondering what the missile is, this might help....


The right gaunt was much simpler, I found the push button in a junk drawer and the little red missiles are the heads of rivets, not very high tech, but they look ok...


The blaster is a mix of things, the barrel and sight are from a cheap temporary car port we bought for my daughters birthday last year, that ended blowing over and disintegrating, I kept a few bits off it thinking to myself "Hmmmm, they might come in handy one day" and I was right for once. The eyepiece is the end of a barrel from a cheap pirate's pistol we bought at a $2 shop.

Considering it's E11esque appearance with the butt, trigger, finger guard and it's length from the butt to the end of the barrel is exactly the same length as my E11, I've called it the E7 and earlier BlasTech model, this is a before and after pic....


I had to sand off all the powder coating, after I painted it I sanded a bit off and put it in some water to promote rust for an old look. It's a simple blaster, but it does Jorina well.

The jet pack was an adventure, it's made out of polystyrene sheeting,balls and cones from a craft shop, postal tubes and the jet nozzles are medicine cups. We paper mached the lot, primed it then glassed over that. I learned one thing making this...... I SUCK at fiberglassing :facepalm , the amount of high fill primer I had to use to get it remotely smooth was insane......


The Mandalorian text on the tanks say... Left " Premium Fuel Only" I was going to use unleaded, but premium looked cooler. On the right is JV for Jorina Varas. The LED is a giant flashing one, the battery and switch are located in the bottom of the missile tube.

The harness is home made.....


The belt, was bought from a guy here in AUS for $40, it's a Swedish army bandolier. I didn't realise until a couple of days ago that it's the one they used for the Tusken's in the prequels. It houses Jorina's audio, I gutted a radio shack personal PA amp, one of those kidney shaped ones. I tried to add a voice changer and blew the speaker, so I went out and got the cheapest CB external speaker I could find. One day I'll upgrade the speaker with the one that comes with the RomFX....


Anyway, that's about it I think, thanks for looking and for all your compliments.

Now, back to working on Wendy's Zam and I've ordered a BKBT Jango for me, I can't help myself.



Edited: Not only can't I fiberglass well, but it seems my spelling sucks too...hehehe
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Makan said:
That is awesome! May i steel your idea for the jetback?

Absolutely, I'm pleased that there's something I did in her build that might give ideas to help someone in theirs :)


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Kraig it looks fantastic will we be seeing her tomorrrow night at Knox????

Well done on such a fantastic fininsh to the costume mate looks awesome!!!!

You have skills i wish i had!!!!!
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