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Just wanted to let everyone know, if they want to see my Zam costume and wanted to get some ideas, I will be wearing it Saturday, Feb 14th of the
Side note-Sorry that I have been particularly quiet this past month, it's due to Maryland 501st nominations and activities. The locals have been restless! We are also going to be at the Fredrick, MD Borders bookstore for the comming of Timothy Zahn as well. Please post if you are interested in attending :D And, I could keep my eyeballs out for some TDH'ers and dish out any Zam advice while I am there.
Yep, gearing for another con, means I will probably be finally upgrading my suit and working on laces, straps, etc.
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MonCal wrote:

And breathers / ovary bits ;)

Have fun at the con!
cough cough ahem cough cough... there is a lot of work and sanding that goes into those. And more leather dyeing, glueing etc. We might have to try out other alternatives, so that the nubs can screw in, that way if someone's hose doesn't fit, they can unscrew the nubs from the connectors >0<. Need to fix the master, yet again, before it accidentally falls into the blue goo. Zam I Ain't has been working on it off and on.
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That's cool! :)
I was just givin ya a hard time ;) thought maybe I could get ya to do that trace for me :D :D

I know all about only being able to do this stuff off and on.
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Gets lots of pics for us Zam I Am!!!

And get ready to hand out more Zam advice than you care too... once the in-laws are outta here - I'm diving into the costume! :D :D FINALLY!!!! :D
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I will try me best... Hopefully we don't get a blizzard like last year.. Ugh, I perish the thought. So many plans would be foiled!
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I went to the the Timothy Zahn book signing today at Borders in Frederick, MD with our 501st. He was really impressed with my costume thanks to all of you guys ;) I put in a good word for the TDH.
Zam I Am: To be honest Mr. Zahn, I have never read your books, but was wondering if you had ever included Clawdites, or changlings.
Mr. Zahn: Actually, no I haven't,[he mentioned how they didn't fit in the series that he had due to the time line] Clawdites are difficult to write about because they are changlings and have a greater chance of robbing the readers due to story and character image changing. But, I might think about it if I do a short fiction.

He is a really great guy. I will post pics as soon as I get them. He even helped me put my veil on for pics and gave me a hug at the after dinner get together.
How cool is this, during our troop with Mr Zahn while getting situated for our group photo, he helped ZamIam put her veil up.

Mr. Zahn is a great guy. I got to meet him on Friday at our 501st signing event and he was super nice with everyfan and really enjoyed our presence at his event. He said it was the biggest one he had ever had. He even stayed after to do a private signing with us and just chat (which I missed out on).
Wow! Very...very Cool Zam I Am!!! Glad you had a great time there!

The pic is terrific and should go into the "Zammer's Hall of Fame" or something! :D

Now.... where are the rest of the pics! ;)
:lol: one of our MD 501st members told me, I will probably never wash my veil again! :lol: Dag nabbit! gonna have to make a new costume just because celebs have touched it. :D
He's really cool, and Carida presented him with a plaque, and we all went out for din din, we had about 15-20 troopers there. Pretty amazing. About celebs-I just want leeanna to finally fulfill my dream of her seeing my costume, since sith camero put that video clip of her saying hi to me and the rest of the tdh'ers! I am working on seeing if I can pursuade con promotions people to get her to visit a con on the east coast this year close to MD. :D

**Edit** here's pics of Zam I Ain't(in vader) and I, and Zahn. I was really flattered that he liked my Costume, and was Zahn was also joking around with Zam I Ain't, making all his fans laugh.
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