Installing a Bobamaker visor in my Judz Dwedd bucket...

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Got a nice shiny box with a nice shiny set of Bobamaker shoulder and knee armour and a visor.

The curve of the visor seemed JUST wrong for the bucket - Luckily, a few minutes in the oven at 250*C pretty much completely flattened and flopsified the visor, so it now fits slightly better.
Still got gaps of a mm or two in some areas, though.

I think I'll use some 20part epoxy goo to fill them - I just hope it's strong enough to hold the two pieces together! The visor's held in place currently by some pieces of Milliput.

And now I go to attach the pics that were the main reason for me starting this thread, I find that my camera's gone wonky and recorded the pics as black and purple "noise".
Meh. I better go try to find out why...

If anyone has any suggestions for remedying my gap problem in the meantime, feel free to post :)
When you say gaps is this blemishes in the helmet? Would sanding the affected area not be suffice? I had the same problem when installing a BM visor into my MS lid, the curve was spot on but needed a slight bit of sanding to make a true fit.

Not blemishes in the helmet, really... - The visor doesn't sit flush with the mandibles - Not at all points, anyway.
It's hard against it at the temples, and chin, but at the bridge of the "nose", there's a few milimetres of space between the helmet and the visor.
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