Jet Pack Inner Strap Attachments?


Jr Hunter
Hello all, new to the forum. I have been lurking the boards for a while and finally decided to start my Boba build with the jetpack.

I have seen some of the links on how to make and put the chest harness and straps on, but am unsure what is the best way to attach the straps to the inside of the actual jetpack.

I was thinking an adhesive or epoxy, or like some JB Weld to the inside of the jetpack, or to screw/bolt them to the backside panel when the straps go through. I am unsure what would be strong enough to keep the straps from coming off the jetpack when worn.

Or I could be totally off on this, any help or advice would be much appreciated.


The screen used pack actually had hooks on it that would hook into metal rings at the end of the shoulder straps on the outside of the back armor plate. Are you going for screen accurate or just wanting to get it mounted up?


I cant seem to find a link to the thread right now but I have seen where people have screwed metal brackets to the inside bottom of the pack that form loops. Then they cover the screw mounts in jb weld and just loop the strap through and sew it on. At the other end of the strap where it would exit the pack near the shoulders they attached plastic buckles that would connect to the shoulder straps for the harness. I know I saw it on a jango build but I just cant find it. I hope my description was clear enough.