in the Star Wars Classic Visual Dictionary there's a picture of some "Thing"...


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In the visual Dictionary (which I don't own) on the pages about Boba Fett, there's an image of some thing I seem to remember it being a thermal detonator (but something tells me I'm wrong) that he apparently carries with him... Its not a blaster or shin tool though. Does anyone have this book and are able to scan the image in? I swear there is something and I'm not imagining it.


I believe you are referring to the multi-detonator. Here is an image of the md from the BF fanclub site.
I always thought it looked like a sprinkler as well. The Visual Dictionary in regards to the multi-detonator states " For major demolition jobs, Boba Fett is known to use an antiquated multi-detonator, less susceptible to damper shield effects than a conventional thermal detonator, and capable of tearing a starship engine into fragments"
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