I'm planning a KOTOR Mandalorian helmet any ideas?


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Any ideas on what I should do guys and gals? I am wondering what to use first of all I will track down a royal gaurd helmet and convert it into a KOTOR style Mandalorian helmet. But i'll need to figure out the facts the path to creating this helmet is still dark and foggy. I'll need help figuring out what i'm going to do I'll need to have steps or at least a idea of what i'm going to do here. Thanks. :) :cheers
Slade, If you have a chance to look at the latest edition of Star Wars Fanzine they have an entire article on mandolorian armor including a couple of drawings of different styles of what you see in KOTOR1 & 2. If you dont have access PM me and I'll see what I can do to get you an Image for reference. I would post it but not sure about copy right issues. ;)
Thanks man alot of ideas are to come of this thanks again man now the fun part begins the planning stages. :) (y) :cheers
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