I'm Back (Pic Heavy)


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Big thanks to Braks for the great photos. A few repaints, a few losses (for now), a few additions...










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This my friend is one of the nicest jobs I have seen in a while go out and buy your self a six back of grape soda. and just sit down on the floor and stare at your awsome work.
Thanks for the comments so far. Grape soda actually sounds really good right now!

Glad you all like the poses.

Oz, I guess I just really felt in character after suiting up again for the first time in a long time :) . You really looked good up there too...very impressed with your rub'n'buff skills.

I have to admit, my legs were trembling pretty bad after holding some of the bent-knee poses for a long time. I'm gonna have to do more squats!

Here is the gauntlet that was lost.

No biggie though, I will likely update both gauntlets in time.

This was my helmet before the repaint. This is likely the biggest change. I wanted to keep my original colors, but with some additional miles to reflect its journey. I also eliminated the gloss in the paint, added some actual scratches, redid the visor area, and reapplied the metal and weathering. The weathering in the green areas was mostly done subtractively (removing paint layers), with some final additive layers of paint and rub'n'buff in the exposed areas.



The cape was an addition from Dreadmel that I really liked. I just finished it up with some additional weathering.
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Good to see you back in action shockwave. :)

Your custom Mando was one of the costumes that inspired me to try making my own Mandalorian.

Your's still rocks!! (y)
great pics and poses, I can't wait to be done so I can get some shots like that. kudos to the poser and photographer.
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