I really need a pack, 501st quality

Zurath Kodul

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I'm trying a boba suit for hte 501st, but really need help on it. I need to make it for under $20 USD a month. All help appreiated

Hopeful Fett


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well, jet packs usually cost about $300.00 US dollars, so maybe you should save up for about one year if you want a good quality jet pack. otherwise, scratch build one.

for a good quality jet pack, get an mlc jet pack. if you want one, contact bountys hunted and another member, which i forgot there name. though, they are making a new mlc pack (mlc v.2) and i recommend you go for the v.2. Though, you might have to wait a little while. otherwise, go for the jet pack bobamaker is making. he is already finished with the sculpt for one, and he is currently making the molds.


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Do a search under the jet pack thread for Jet Pack blueprints. WOF does a great set that I am sure you could use. I would suggest sintra or foam. Good luck and let me know if you need any help.


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hopefull fett said:
Thanks for the warm welcome.

I'll be sure to check with those meembers, but my funds are severely limited.
You could sell one of your kidneys :love, $, :jet pack ,:love


Oh, and if your planning to scratch-build a Jet Pack, here's the thread for the templates.
there should be a link on the first post, click on it, and save.
though, you might already know this.

if you want, you can go in many routes. one, you can use sintra, like prymer13 said (sintra is expanded pvc plastic, so basically it's a board of plastic). just print out the templates at full size, and cut them out on sintra. Sintra, note, is easily pliable, simply dip it in boiling water for about 20 seconds, and you can just shape it. note that when it is heated, it releases toxic fumes, so i would say maybe try to do it outside, or just leave the window open in the kitchen.

another route is the Lisafett tutorial, here in this link.
click on articleand somewhere on the bottom-left corner you should see boba jet pack tutorial ready for downloador something similar.

yet another route, which i found on TDH (thanks Wasp for the idea!) is to make a card board Jet Pack (by using the jet pack templates) then cover it with paper mache. here's a link to how a member did this once.http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=8066&highlight=Cardboard+Jet Pack
note: this is his own way, you do not have to do what he does

P.S. Jet Pack can be shortened to Jp, so Jet Pack = jp
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Qman101 said:
note that when it is heated, it releases toxic fumes, so i would say maybe try to do it outside, or just leave the window open in the kitchen.

Oh come on man, the "toxic fumes" arent enough to kill you....Just enough to get you a little bit relaxed. I have those templates too and plan on starting within the next couple weeks. I'll be making mine from styrene tho.


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It's not entirely accurate...







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hey Zurath Kodul theres an imperial gard helmet on ebay just in case you want it. its only about $41 and its got less than 22 hours left. i know you dont do stuff on ebay but just in case you change your mind.

Zurath Kodul

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I need you to PM me the specifics on it. Brand of can, any/all directions you can provide.
This looks close enough to the arena-style for me to use it, so I'll give it a go if you can give me more details.