I Have armor templates in ALL sizes!



hey Playaz,
Long time no talk huh.. I know people posted this here so many times but I have downloadable armor templates if u guys want any..and they are starting from sm/m/LG/XL.. Do u guys want any? The template file includes chest,ab,shoulders,knees/elbows(i think), thighs,shins,back and many more...
Hey,, i sent u the email.. To all: before you use the files..U should read the README file in the folder to tell u how to print them rite,, and how to use them
Hey, thanks "playa".
Nice templates.
Wonderful in fact.
Except for one small detail...

They're MY damn templates!!!!! :angry

Feel free to distribute them all you want but if you're planning on claiming them as your own, you may want to take my email address out of the damn read_me file. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Fo'shizzle! 8)
hey ya, I actually never said That I was the person who made them.. I am just sharing the files that I got from the MW site... If u want them to be off this forum.. I will take it off...Hold up..I thought the jaster fett guy from the mw is the one who made them..well..sry for dat.. Im just sharing it to the fett/prop makers..Dont trip man...Peace-out...

ps. Judo..sry about dat.
Im just sharing it to the fett/prop makers..Dont trip man...Peace-out...
ps. Judo..sry about dat.

Hey, no problem whatsoever. I emailed those to the host of the Mandalorian Warriors site a long time ago. Like I said, feel completely free to give 'em away to whoever asks. I had a little funny there but it's all good. To be completely honest, as more and more people come forward with templates the more I realize that my templates look like crayon drawings compared to them.

You want 10,000 X better templates then my shite? Check these out: http://p201.ezboard.com/fmandalorianbountyhuntersguildfrm21.showMessage?topicID=9.topic

Now those are the shizzle fo rizzle. (Okay, I'm a redneck white guy but can't blame a guy for trying to speak the language :lol:)
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thanx bro..I hope the peepz here could just click the link u gave me so I dont have to worry about emailing them...Hey man,, dont worry about how u speak my way.. I'm, half white/asian/black-hispanic and I normally talk lik dis. It's called embonics. There no perfect way of speakin it,, all u just do is remove a few letters off the words and ur now typin ebonic.. Hey all,, fell free to check out the temps.

ps. judo, Ur temps are alsome! sry again for postin it here.
For Jodo Kast - I have your templates also. (y) I hope you don't mind, but I put them on my website for free download as well. Just check my sig.

For everyone else - ditto to the download. (y)

Share one - share all. Let the Mandolorian Army rise.
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