i confused.....

ohhhh k i always hear about people bragging about that they got a DP 95 or DP 96 but what i want to know is...WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??????i am so confused right now.......maybe i should stop drinking the toilet water....


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The DP95 and DP96 stand for a Don Post helmet that was produced during a certain year I believe (1995 or 1996). Basically the shape of the helmet differs, and one is more desirable then the other because it has characteristics that are slightly closer to the original movie helmet. The Don Post helmets are somewhat smaller then the actual helmet and aren't entirely accurate compared to the screen used movie helmets. There are other helmets that were produced by other sources that are much more accurate then the Don post Helmets. If you do some searches, you can probably locate a few examples of these alternate helmets and will be able to see the differences in their size and shape, and different levels of accuracy.



the helmets produced in 1995 are considered the best. They are the biggest size and have the closest detail. THen came the 96's which were still pretty accurate but were much smaller. Last came the 97's, im not sure about their size but they are often very warped which takes out most of the detail. The recent post about ugly helmets has mostly 97's, if not all 97's. However, there are some nice 97's which people have fixed up and reshaped.

Hope that helps.