I am in need of a jet pack...

I am in need of a jetpack...

Hi Im new to the forum and all and Im makeing a jango fett costume. I am buying a jumpsuit that resembles his, gloves which are black that I will faberic paint navy blue, black boots, and Im buying a belt off ebay(I suck at sewing). I am planning on getting someone to make the leather vest thing and rivet sheet metal cut to shape to it. And make the gauntlets out of the same material. Then Ill buy that hard plastic holster set with the electronic guns. And I already have a helmet from Rubies that I need to foam out...this will be my first costume so it will be interesting I plan on getting a manakin for it if its any good...and I am also in need of a arena style jet pack if anyone has one for sale, so what do you think??

JumpSuit (Postman Blue)


Gun/Holster set

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Jimmy BufFETT

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Welcome to TDH, dude.:cheers I like that avatar.;) If you are looking for the arena style jet pack, I'd recommend and MLC one. It's accurate and lightweight. I'm not sure how easy or difficult it is to get one, though.
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I don't know what your price range is but I think there is a finished arena style in the cargo hold that has still not sold. Oh, and welcome aboard!
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Thanks guys, I dont want to spend alot. Its already totaling $300 at least and at 7 bucks an hour thats harsh...If anyone has an extra PM me...
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I fixed your links and removed ebay link. Please do not post links to auctions that are not yours. You can post a pic like I did for you. That way we can still see what you are talking about.
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Thanks asok, well honestly it dosent matter who I buy from as long as its good quality, and a decent price...
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It seems good quality to me, all leather. Do yuo know where I can get a better one at the same price?...;)

PM'd you abntroop
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