How to mirror a Visor?


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Hey, does anyone know a way to mirror a Visor? I would like to get an efect like this:


well.. thanks :)

Boba Swede

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1: Buy a bag of chips
2: Eat chips
3: Turn bag inside out and cut out the visor area
4: Glue at the edges... and presto!

But honestly.. i think it is a specail kind of window foil.. kinda like the stuff for tinted windows..

happy hunting.


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I work for a very large glass corporation that makes auto and architectural glass. This may not help you, but the way they do it for glass is....they transport the raw glass over an electromagnet. There are 7 metals (including silver and others, I forget them all) and they are in a gasous form so that the particles are close to the atomic level. All this happens in a vaccuum and the atomic metals bombard the glass as they are traveling at great speeds towards the magnet beneath the glass. This is how they get the reflective appearence for glass. I am not sure if they make a film that is similar to window tint.


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there are 2 easy ways,

One is to buy chrome window film for cars, the other is go to and buy a bottle of "mirror chrome", lightly spray the inside if the visor and hey presto, chrome on the outside and you will still be able to see out.