how is your jet pack attached?


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how is your jetpack attached?

I realized that while I'm painting my jet pack I completely forgot about how it's going to be attached to my flak vest. My flak vest can with part of the attachment to the jet pack. However I don't know where to attach it to the jet pack. Could someone help me out? Thanks. :D

I want to wear it to the Star Wars Original Trilogy DVD Release event on September 21st.
It can be done many ways I guess depending on jet pack weight. Most people here use a harness system that goes under the vest and backplate with straps attached to the top of the harness coming out of the top threw slits then the jet pack hangs from that.

I have to use the harness system because my jet pack is 13pounds. Just make sure if that is the case to use wide straps, thin ones make your shoulders hurt big time after a few hours. I used the black backpack strap form the base but for the over the should part I folded 100% cotton and sewed it together then stuck a strip of cardboard in there so it would lose shape or bunch up.

I think that is what you ask...?

As far as where to put the strap hooks on the jet pack mine are about 3/4 of the distance up of the overall back of the pack, and the same width as my shoulders. 2 inches down from my backplate slits.

Dont have a camera or I would post it.
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My jet pack is also fiberglass and heavy (15lbs) so I really needed a supportive harness. I tried just straps across the chest and stomach and shoulders, but it always sagged and ended up choking me with my flakvest. So I invested in a high quality backpack that gives amazing support all around and cut the pouch portion off.

Like cal196 said it goes on under my flakvest. Then the straps pass through the vest and then through my back armor and attach to the jet pack. The way I set it up, no buckles are visible whenever I have everything tied down. I do need help to put it on right. Kinda elaborate but it does allow me to wear a 15 lb pack and not notice the weight for at least 4 hours. And most importantly, it does not shift a tiny bit when it is strapped down.




The harness actually has a hard plastic molded plate inside that goes over the shoulders and around the chest to provide lots of extra support.




The brand name "wookey pack" and the jango colors were purely coincidental.
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...dang zxwing!!!...that is sweet!!!...

...I just finished my trial helmet and will be doing my armor once it arrives within the next week... has been much harder than I thought, but loads of fun!!!
I cannot even imagine attempting a jet pack yet...

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I got it in D.C. at a place called Great Outdoors. It was 80 bucks, but I think its worth every penny. I felt bad cutting it up. It came with a million straps and holders and caribieners. I cut lots of the straps off and saved them all for future use.

I was actually looking at ski vests just like that, when I saw the backpack.
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My only problem is the vest fits perfect with the flightsuit and all. adding anything with padding is not gonna fit right, since my vest zips up in the back. And I'm not sure how hard it is to take the padding if its even possible from the vest out.
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I can see how that would be hard. If my vest did not have velcro up both sides I could not do it either. I like the padding though, it makes it wearable much longer.
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Wow, zxwing! That is NICE. We went to GI Joes to look for backpack harnesses, but they didn't have anything that would work. Then we saw the dog was a classic moment, trying to obliquely try on a dog pack harness to see if it would fit...trying to communicate with looks that we weren't planning to do anything kinky with it later... :lol: In the end, that's what we went with and attached it pretty much the same way. Luckily we have a seamstress friend, so she buttonholed the slits in the vest, and put in some of the material they use at the top of drapes to keep the holes from ripping under the weight.
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I'm going to get a jet pack harness soon. In the meantime I've painted my JF jet pack. It looks awesome. I'm in the process of finishing it. All I have to do is weather it and put on a clearcoat.
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Anyone ever try velcroing the inside of the harness to the midsection of the coveralls to prevent slipping, sounds like a good idea in theory, but I havent tried it, seems to me if you pulled the access up and attached the velcro so it wouldnt slip anymore the velcro would keep the harness in place.
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I think that would work for a lighter jet pack.
I actually put a couple snaps on the front of my old strap type harness and attached it straight to the jumpsuit. The weight eventually just stretched the straps and it still ended up sagging and choking me. It also bunched up the crotch a lot as well.
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