How do you weather a jumpsuit?

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When I try to weather fabric I use a a stiff wire brush and a razor balde. I first rub the blade across the fabric on the flat of the blade (as if I was giving it a shave) this will gently sever the serface threads at a very controled rate. then I go in with the wire brush and brush away, this further fatigs the fabric. The prosses is repeated untill the desired affect is achived. If you want to create a larger hole you might start buy cutting a hole, smaller than you need, and scrapping and brushing it to the size and shape you want. Be wary of the fluffy effect this can create on some sinthetic fabrics, unless you are going for that special bunny tail look.
Try it on some scraps of cloth see what you think.
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"not to beat a dead bantha, but what are the feelings on the gray dickie?"

Thats what my new suit is, Just buy two so you can do the conversion.

I used spray paint and dusted mine to weather it and it looks great.
put on the jumpsuit, fill a cement truck with gravel, get in it and fire it up
I tried the paint and water mix in a spray bottle, but it ended up too spotty on the fabric, so......

Since I alread had some paint and water in the spray bottle, i put in some dirt and woodchips from my lawn, left over grey acrylic paint, a little black testors paint, etc, and then used a old towel rag to wipe on the "special sauce". :lol:
I made sure to go around all the seams, including the inside of the thigh pouch flaps and everything dried out great. I didn't do anything to the torso since it's hidden by the vest.
Spray paint is how I weathered my Tusken robes. That, and then rubbing them in the dirt.
yes i was considering the dickies one, any know if it looks allright
I saw on a T.V. this prop department was makeing new cloths look old. they had them in the the dryer on fluff with a pair of sneakers and like 300 poker chips?????????
If your looking for something that will stain the cloths and you can still wash them and and not have to use paint or wood stain use a paint brush and a dark colored baby food. I have used this before. Paint it on let sink in and dry and then wash. It's never coming out! Warning: I have never tried this on jump suit material.
Hope this helped!
I need to weather my gray jumpsuit, but I'm not exactly sure how to? I've thought of misting it with spraypaint. Can you please send me your ideas or methods that have worked? Thanks.
Yeap that is a good way to get a base layer of weathering down. Using either an airbrush or spray paint, lightly mist (from a good a distance) with either gray or black. I'm pretty sure they used a method similar to this on the film suit, as on the MOM and AOSW photos you see tiny black/grey mist on the suit.

Leaving the jumpsuit out in the sun to dry a bit will also give it some nice weathering. Then again you could always roll around in the dirt with it. ;)
Put the jumpsuit on and go outside, lowcrawl on the ground for a bit, and then do a little back crawl also. That way it get's those used-all-the-time areas good.

That's what I did.

You mean that stuff stains even before it's spit up?

Who knew.

Anyone heard of "weathering" fabric (like the cape) by putting the fabric, an old shoe, and 300 poker chips in a dryer on the "fluff air" setting? I've heard that some prop people do this, and the combination of the shoe and the poker chips really does some interesting things. I guess all of those ridges in the chips really eat away at the fabric. I haven't figured out the shoe yet...
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I've modified a dickies winter coverall for fett costume and i think that if it were stone washed it would look alot more authentic. I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this ...i've heard of kits that u can use in your own washing machines but i'm unable to find any "any help here would be hot"
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Ouch!, I had gotten some Jeans that were stone washed, and they were just that washed with stones. Some stones were left in the pockets. They were small pumice stones that the jeans were tumbled in. If there were a kit available for the washer it would probably be a chemical kit that would simulate stone washing by bleaching it some way (This is just an assumption) It also depends if the coveralls are a poly cotton blend. Polyester won't bleach so a color remover may not distress the coveralls as you may want. But if they are a cotton blend , they may bleach a little. Maybe some RIT color remover may help. I have used it in my washing machine and it worked well, you may not need to use the whole packet to get the amount of distressing you desire.
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On my ESB suit I found using hand applied ashes worked quite well. That way you could keep adding to it and rubbing in more where needed so it wasn't all at once. So, start smoking and raid all the ashstrays in the house!!
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