how do you make a jet pack harness ?


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how do you make a jetpack harness ?

How do you make a jet pack harness ? I'm looking to make a jet pack harness. Thanks.
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note: In the past I've gone to thrift shops to buy leather belts to refix my holster. It's worked nicely. ;)
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I followed tk-409's tutorial, but instead of the backpack strap I used seatbelt material then I covered the parts that go over your shoulders in black vinyl. put velcro on the shoulders, and used the backpack straps off the shoulder threw the backplate with the clips on the end. and also I used 2 buckles in the front instead of 1.
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TK409 and Seeker can't be the only one's with Harnesses? Does anyone else have some photos and methods to share? I tried Tk's but the harness keeps riding up my chest and dropping the jet pack to low on my back.
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I took a page from BKBT's book. I cut the pack off a back pack and used the padded part. I sewed nylon straps to the top with clips attached.



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