How do you build a EE-3 Rifle?


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Thanks i will experiment. ( Lightning strikes ) Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! its alive well........ not yet. But i will experiment first before i try asking.

I got 1 question:

1. What is bondo? and how does it work?
Well what do you want to know about it? Everything?

If you're not going for accuracy you could always get a simple cap gun some pvc and bondo for the main gun part then buy and cut a piece of wood to shape for the stock. You get what I'm saying. Just experiment a little. If not there are plenty of other helpful people here. Sorry I can't help much but I'm still building my own.
Your suit is very cool i reviewed it in the past on mandalorianwarriors site Jaster has. Nice work on your suit. One more thing. Nice Job on your Custom Jet Pack.

I'll probably look at the scope on that site i seen once i been their quite the few times. Thanks for reminding me that site still exist.

I'm going for a EE-3 Rifle sort of like ROTJ but i'm going to customize it to my liking thou. Thanks for the help. Never mind about the bondo question i seen a thread explaining how it works and what it does I'll check it out.
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