How do I TOPICALLY paint my jet pack?


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How do I TOPICALLY paint my jetpack?

Ok , many of you have been watching this thread;

Now it's time to paint the damage on the JP body.
I was going to layer it, but I had some paint problems (see aforementioned thread).
I now have to paint the damage on topically.
I have no idea how to do this. I don't want it to look like it was painted on.

It's painted, has the decals on it, and an acrylic wash over it.
I'm going to paint another coat of "Dullcote" over the wash before I start the damage.
Here's were we are right now.

jetpack wash.JPG
OMG :eek:

That thing is awesome !!!
It looks like you already know what you are doing.check out some ref. pics and just do it. I used a toothpic so I could keep so control of where the paint went. I'm not a pro though.
Wow........ (y)
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Just go at it with a small paint brush man. You're talking about the silver scratches right? They won't look painted on.:)
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I know I'm probably too late with any suggestions,but let me start by saying DON'T add another coat of Dullcote over your final's what gives it a 3-dimensional appearance. Once you Dullcote it down it takes it to more of a 2-D me,I had this experience already with my armor components. By layering the weathering it builds up to give a natural look of age which is what we're after. If you just seal in it all to one base level it will look stagnant and artificial.

Oh,and if I am too late you can always go back in with some very watered down wash to build back up some layers. ;)

On to topical....the key here is to do it before you start the washes. Again if I'm too late,you can build it back up with a minor wash. Again,the key being to build on the topical scratch's to add an appearance of age.

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