How do I remove the t-visor from a DP 95?


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Hey guys, Ive not got my helmet yet, but I am wondering, how do I remove the T-visor from it? and how do i replace it with a better one?
I have heard that you can use a dremel, or razor knife.

I used a brand new utility knife and took my time. IF you score it lightly near the edge you can make several passes at it until you get it all of the way thru. BUT be careful, once you cut that out the front becomes flimsy and can break easily. I have a DP95 with the white vinyl interior and it was VERY flimsy after I finished the front.

After it's cut out I cleaned the rest of the area up with a PLASTI-CUT file. It takes some time to get used to using it, but it cleans it up perfectly.

Pm me if you want some more into or reference pics.
X-acto knife is your best friend on this project my friend!
That and a lot of patients.
Work slowly and remove the area the runs down the front as well unless you want to put the visor on on front but I recommend carving all of the T-Visor area out and making sure that the thckness from inside to out is about 1/8th inch.
Remember to work very slow and hobby files can be used a bit for clean up but they gum up a little so clean them alot during the process.
Get a Welders Visor with a #5 Green Tint and cut it out to a size a little larger then the T area itself.
Then you can install with Hot Glue or any various forms of adhesive.
Boiling hot water first off. When you do the flare method to reshape the helmet, I noticed the T-visor just peels off. Then use an exacto blade to remove the rest of the silly business* and then... OH SO CAREFULLY CUT THE HELMET AND DO NOT RUSH OR YOU WILL BE BOTH CUT AND RUIN YOUR HELMET!!!!!

Have fun. Takes about 2 hours if you are patient and careful. Good luck.

What the H***? Why couldn't they have just made a helmet that looks right? Why half a T-visor??? Schlock! Yeah, and expense....whatever.

Later my friends, I am off to see the wizard...
It took me about 5 minutes to do mine.
The trick is to use a heat gun(from the inside).
After its nice & warm, use your exacto knife .
It cuts like butta!

Remember that episode of Star Trek, the one with Captain Kirk, when the people came onboard the Enterprise who lived in an accelerated time phase? They took control of the ship and nobody knew they were there because they moved, like a gazillion times faster than everybody else...remember? They sounded like bees buzzing...remember? slave1pilot is from the realm of really fast people...all you see is motion blur, and all you hear is buuuzzzz.

slave1pilot wrote:

It took me about 5 minutes to do mine.
The trick is to use a heat gun(from the inside).
After its nice & warm, use your exacto knife .
It cuts like butta!

If you haven't done it already, PLEASE be careful. Darren is right. use a sharp blade. if you cut too deep, the blade will act like a wedge and the brittle DP 95 can crack. I just carved the tvisor out of mine and caused a small hairline fracture near the bottom of the tvisor. luckilly it was easilly repairable, but the dp95 is so brittle, i could see how an accident like that could devistate a project.

good luck.
I like the little, brittle cracks...real weathering...and for free! Every DP95 has enjoyed10 years in the closets and garages of several Star Wars bucket heads each!
I just removed my visor yesterday. I used a dremel to remove the bulk of the plastic while leaving a bit left before reaching the edge of the mandible. Then i used an utility knife to remove the plastic right up to the mandible, Took about 30 minutes. I also used the dremel to cut out the slots on the back of the helmet. That took forever but the result was great.
Ok,Ive got teh visor out, but I have NO IDEA how to glue it in.....Im like realy confused and cant even descibe my probolem......I guess there is a lip orsomething to make the helmet have depth, well I dont have anything to epoxy my visory to....what should I do, abd how did you guys do yours?
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