Hot glue for masking?


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Is there another alternative to using the liquid mask stuff or rubber cement to mask off painting areas? I know about masking tape obviously, but there is a section on the missle that looks like it's globular masking. I just don't have either of these available at the moment, and thought that perhaps hot glue would work. Any ideas? Please, don't flame me if this has been covered over and over. I'm in a hurry tonight and don't have time to search. Just need a quick answer. Thanks a lot
I don't recall hot glue being mentioned as a masking tool before. Theoretically, it should work the same as rubber cement. I would recommend using low temp hot glue as the high temp kind could take your silver paint right along with it. One drawback may be controlling the size of the bead, and also the stringing effect is seems to have.

Like any new idea, test it on something other than your armor first and see how it turns off in the event it doesn't go as planned.
Instead of hot glue, try regular Elmer's glue. Dries just about as quick and it's probably easier to peel off.
I suppose by now you've already tried the hot glue, but I have heard of people using vasaleine before if your still looking for a few other alternatives. Haven't tried it myself, but it shouldent damage any layers of paint that you have underneath. Probably pretty messy though! might be worth a try? :)
You guys will think I'm crazy but some rumors have it that some EFX guys have used food items such as Ketchup and or Mustard to mask off globular looking wear and tear and just hose it off after it dries. You can take this however you want but it does work just don't forget the relish.

I have used tacky glue (witch is like Elmer's but thicker) and it worked nice. I have also used latex mold builder witch works great. It peals off vary easy and the effect you get is perfect. It is now my method of choice. here is a link were you can order some click here

As for the hot glue it sounds risky. It would depend on what type of glue stick you used as well. I don't think it would work vary well. I think you should use something that will not bond as good like Elmer's or latex.
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