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Originally posted by TylerDurdenSoapMaker:

In the Chronicles book, it shows the prototype Fett outifit with the hood having a lower flap with velcro on near bottom of the jawline. It seems this velcro then attaches somewhere inside the helmet to completely conceal underneath of the helmet. My question is did they use this system for the film suits? If so where was the strip of velcro inside the helmet? It has to be midway on the visor as you can see through the bottom of Fett's visor in several scenes (.i.e the "put solo in the cargo hold" scene.

Originally posted by WebChief:

I don't know but it sounds like a good idea! The thought of being able to see Fett's chin seems pretty lame to me.

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Originally posted by MaxPlague:

It gets hot enough under the helmet without wearing a hood, so I've been thinking I would skip the hood and just make a black or grey lycra/spandex piece to cover the bottom opening of the helmet. Cut a slit for an opening and have it just stretch-form to my neck.

Remember, the fabric has to be breathable too, otherwise the visor will be prone to fogging. Not even a CPU fan will help if there's no airflow up front. :sick:

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Originally posted by Irishpride131972:

I attached an elastic "half moon" shape to the front profile of the helmet. It streches over your chin and fits tight around your neck. Airflow comes in through a fan in the back vent through clear tubes into a sanding resperator (disposable). This is attached to the inside of the helmet. It does cut down on your downward visibility, but you can breath well, no fogging and it gives the entire suit a cool hum.
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