Honest shot at painting


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I started this about two months ago, went at it off and on, you know the drill :lol:.
Its an MS2. No color washes have been done except for a little trial run on the blue-green on the back. Still need to do the ears.

All in all I think its ''OK''. I know I missed some stuff here and there and I'm not going to do the white thumb prints :).

The flash REALLY chages the colors !!!
What do you guys think ?





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Del Fargazer

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I think you done a FANTASTIC job painting that bucket !
The yellow looks a touch bright but it could be the lighting.
Excellent work !!


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On the yellow, it's probably the lighting. It looks spot on in person. (y)

It looks great!! The back really turned out well. I see you touched it up a little. ;)


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WOW Tim that looks fantastic.......Great work so far...(y) (y) ....
And the Flash always does that to the colors...
take some pictures in sun or with no flash....(y)

Jango Fett Jr

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Honestly man, that looks very very good! You got the shapes all correct, doesn't look too neat or too messy, as Spidey said it would be great to see some photos in natural lighting to really show it off.


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You know I have been looking at it on the web cam bud, I am still amazed on your steady hand. You should be very proud.


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Thanks for all the complements (y)

I will post some pics of it outside tomorrow.
The flash KILLED the colors. The green, the red, yuck :lol:. It needs toned down with a wash BADLY !!!!!

Its all topical except the straw color on the back...layered that.

Thanks everyone (y)
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