Hilarious Jet Pack Auction on ebay!

I'm still trying to figure out how it can be a custom Jango/Boba Jet Pack. Its a freakin plastic lawn chair. Or the better question.

How much pot does it take to put an auction up this stupid?
Hank Hill screws Darth Vader = to this Joe Dirt. I know what HE did with all that leftover Hurricane debris. Gotta give him credit....someone bidded on it. I'll crap my pants if he gets positive feedback.
The X-wing fighter......incredible....and it too has a bid on it too. :lol:
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I hope my Fett costume looks that good when I'm done. Does anyone know 'what' kind of bungee cord that is?

That kicked off my Saturday morning just right...classic.
I think that we have some

competition on our hands . . . .Woooooo ! Look out!

Intimidating stuff here. The eye for detail blows away our whole message

board away. Makes me wonder if we should have 'uh message board

at all when we are presented with this work of art.

I'll go hide under 'uh rock . . .

Ha ha ha

kindredjedi wrote:

lmao :lol:

I loved the Hawaiian Vader and the nintendo light guns the best (y) ;)

I did a Hawaiian Vader once, but I hoped it would be the one and only. Besides I never had a jet pack that cool. Which movie was it that Vader had the jet pack anyways? I really need to catch up on my movies/books/imagination :lol:
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