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Hello everybody.I wanted to start off by saying that the stuff you guys do here is beyond amazing, being a Star Wars fan all my life its beautiful to see one of my favorite characters come to life. after a long period of a mix between preperation and procrastination I am finally ready to star my Fett.
As of now I dont have the money to buy the really nice fiberglass helmets or the DP's on ebay. So at a local shop today i bought a Rubies Deluxe helmet.

After some modding and a proper paint job it should come out to look great. I just wanted to ask some advise from the memebers here as to whats the best way to shape the Rubies helmet?

I'll have pics up soon
Hey arccaster,
Welcome to TDH! You'll find lots of great info here on doing a costume.

Congrats on your first helmet! If you use the search function and just type in rubies, you should come up with lots of threads about those helmets.
One thing I've read about people doing is epoxying a metal "craft ring" into the bottom of the helmet. It's the type of ring used for embroidery or needlepoint. From what I've read, it helps to keep the helmet's shape.
Howdy dude and welcome to TDH! One thing I'll say to you that I say to a lot of people who say they're staring a Fett costume is that it is a VERY addicting project!;):lol:

Congrats on getting your first helmet! A few people 'round here have picked up that same helmet type and modified it. Do a search for "Rubies Helmet" and see what threads come up ... you should find the answers to any questions about modification you may have.

By the way, what version of Fett are you working on?
Thanks guys. Bufett I've been thinking about that very same question and i think im gonna go with the ROTJ.

Also I'm going to be getting all the armor peices cept the gauntlets and the jet pack from a friend. I'm really looking foward to doing this!
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welcome :cheers

go to this link, its a thread another member posted when i first got on here. it helped with my 96 DP.
evntually ill make a progress thread, but im also doing some FP v2 armor and im jumping between the two projects so i cant show u what ive done, but hopefully that luink helps!! good luck too!

~it's definatly a sickness :wacko
Its a sickness im willing to catch8)

heres some pics of the Bucket i have as of now, compared to some of the other nightmare rubies I've seen mine i dont think is too bad, thus should make it easier to form.



the front view pic isnt showing up... I'll post it tommorow.
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