Hey Guys! New here. Helmet Question.


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Hey I'm new here, My name is Brandon. ALready know some of you, Fetthunter, STP, from the SWS. Im just beginnig work on my Armor and Im about to purchase a helmet. I had a question about this one I found. It doesn't say wheter it is a Rubies or DP, and it doesn't look like it could be either. I don't think it id fan made since it is on one of the those " Halloween" costume sites. I need your assistance and advice pronto thanx!

Here is the site
I'm far from an expert in this but I'd bet money that you have a picture of either a Deluxe DP or an Altmann's. Neither of which would be $60 and you can be almost certain that you'll be buying a Rubies helmet.

*edit: by the way the 'giveaway' for it being a much higher caliber helmet is firstmost the detail in the ear-piece. It's gold with the black/white decal. Rubies and Standard DP are only silver. There are subtler differences, but that's the red-flag**

Welcome to the Dented Helmet, I hope you'll find everything you need :)

Hi and welcome! I looked at it and it looks pretty good. But beware of photo trickery! I would e-mail or call that company for assistance for more info. Hey, they want your $60 bucks and I'm sure they'll do everything to help. I would ask if that photo is the true representation of what your going to get. If not,or don't know.. I wouldn't deal with them. Best of luck!(y)

Thanx guys! i thought it looked suspicious, but what if I actually recieved the helmet in the picture? that would be a steal. I don't think I have much to lose anyway, I was going to probally resort to buying a Rubies anyway since I don't have that much to spend right now. I search around some more to see what I find. Plus, With a lot of work, the rubies probaly could be " fixed ". Besides, I have a two years to get the costume ready for Dragon Con '04. So I'll take my time. And I know this is off subject, This is Directed to Fett hunter:

When I met you at the Huntsville Imax premier I noticed something about your armor pieces material. What are they made of?
Yeah, $60 even for a Rubies is a decent deal.

If, and that's a big IF ;) , you got the pictured helmet that would be a steal on the order of several hundred dollars :)

Rubies isn't too bad, but a 95-96 DP is better if you can manage it.

See the one big problem is I don't have a job, which sucks, I once had a nice proffesional musician job going at the local church, but things got complicated and I lossed that job. :( So now I have no extra cash any more, and if it weren't for the holidays I wouldn't have even finished My main costume, Jedi. Hopefully things will pan out next year and I will slowly complete my custome Mandalorian armor.
I'm sorry to hear about your joblessness, but you now have one of the two most important ingredients in Fett costume-building...TIME. Unfortunately the other is money, but as long as you have plenty of time you can do it piece by piece.

What do you play? I play the trumpet :)

Guitar,Saxophone, Piano( a little bit), try the trumpet every now n then( Just can't play above that pesky f, and yes I mean the low one. Not my instrument of choice). im working on the Ocarina too.
I can only do 'high C' just above the staff, and that's inconsistent these days :(

I play the ocarina, but only in Zelda ;)

Best luck with the Fett suit :)

hey welcome aboard
and like JMP said you need time to complete your Boba Fett suit, i said boba, 'cause jango is mor easy, no much color, no much details, except the gauntlets and jet pack but all is silver ;) ... no ofence to Jango team :D

but you always can make your suit with scratch, a lot of guys here make your suit with "home stuff"... and i too.
check my site .... link in my signature ... and if i can help with anything ........ :)


The photo used on that website is the stock photo for the Don Post Deluxe Fett helmet. And it obviously doesn't sell for $60.00. So, you have no idea what helmet they have in stock, i.e. a standard or a Rubies with no idea of what year it was from.

Welcome aboard, though. :)
This was made last year. It is not an original Don Post.
The company that is now licensed to produce them is Rubies. All new masks have the Lucas Ltd. stamped into them, so they have to meet his standards.

Hope this helps.


Nell S
Customer Service

Thats the message I got when I inquired :D

P.S. maybe if everyone sends them an email we can get them to change the misleading pic.
If you order that helmet and you get the DP Deluxe that is posted, let me know and I'll buy their entire inventory of them at that price. :love But don't get your hopes up being that those helmets (DP Deluxes) haven't been made in five years and they currently sell for anywhere between $800-$1200.
Beware! Neither of those two sites are showing the actual helmet you will recieve!

The first depicts a pic of the Don Post Deluxe, which would no way be offered for $60.00!, even considering what a piece of crap it is! These still fetch $300.00 to $600.00 easily!

The second depicts the prototype Don Post 95 helmet, which first appeared as the Star Wars Insider magazine advertisement. There is also no way that any Don Post vinyl helmet, short of a very early run 95' will look anything lie the one pictured.

In short, do NOT EVER, E V E R buy a Fett helmet on faith, sight unseen, you will always get burned, believe me!

I think I will go ahead and get one of the before mentioned helmets, because I welcome the challenge of turning the Ugly Duck Helmet into the Swam Fett. Plus it will keep me off the streets ::laugh::. When It comes Ill send a pic. If its not good I'll just get another one later on anyways, I don't plan on wearing this costume soon anyway. Thanx for all the help

Fett4u wrote:

Well I found another one, and it has the right pic, and it is a dollar cheaper :) Here it is:


I would NOT order that helmet. I bought one that looked just like that. When I got it, it was a flimsy latex Rubies helmet. The DP '97 helmet is much better. You might want to look at the new rubies jango helmet. I haven't seen it in person, but some people are happy with it.
Yeah..if your looking for a fixer upper, remember plastic is much easier to work with such as painting, weathering, drilling and filling than a latex rubber helmet. Don't get too hasty either when choosing a helmet either. I bought mine for aroung $49 bucks when a lot of the sellers out there were jacking them up near $80-$110 bucks.
Hey guys, Good news! I just ordered a Jango Fett helmet form entertainment earth. Twas the last one :). Think I got a good deal, only 68.95 including shipping and handling. Should arrive in two weeks, will post pics. Thanx for all the help!
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