Here is My Boba!


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Hey Pete.

Yup, I think a new vest would help with the spacing on the armor... right now everything is much too far appart. Also, the vest is much too long... it should only be about an inch or so below the belly plate.

Other things, do yourself a favor and get the kidney armor and attach it to the codpiece. Right now because you don't have that piece the cod is riding way too low. It looks like its falling off.

Last bit... dirty her up. You're way too clean man! Fett needs to look like he's been slopping around in the dirt and mud. Your jumpsuit should be dirty up to the knees or so and then have some misting of dirt on the thigh pouches. Once that happens it'll pull it all together.

Good luck bud!


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Well actually, the vest is in progress as we speak. My vest is crap SFP. Go figure.

As for the cod, I have the Fett thong going on but that day the velcros fell apart. SUCKED big time!

I'll work on the dirt!

Thanks Bob!

Jedi Bob

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Looks Good, Pete!

The dirt is the real key. It's wild how it can take a piece of plastic and give it this hammered steel look. lol. Sometimes camera flashes even cut through the weathering and make things look cleaner than to the naked eye.

I bought a cheap airbrush system at AC Moore that uses cans of compressed air and it worked really well on the armor as well as the soft pieces.

Keep up the good work, buddy!

BTW - I found that Boba sweat jacket at Hot Topic! Thanks for the heads up on that!



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another suggestion: wear your ammo belt lower on your hips... there should be a gap between the armor and the belt. my first couple of times out i was wearing the belt up high, and it made me look really short... kind of like when you see a vader with no spaces between the armor / chest box / belt

looks like you've got most of the parts down, you just need some tuning. i'm on about my 8th fett troop or so, and i'm finally feeling like i'm getting there! ;)


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Yeah Tunning is the key. I am getting the new vest within the next couple of weeks. I want to get a new ammo belt the one I have is kind of crap SFP. Go figure. It just changing out parts at the moment. But I feel like I am almost there.

Its there just not how I want it to be, it can be better.