help putting the visor in the helmet...


i basically have everything done...but i cant figure out for the life of me how to put the visor in the helmet...i tried glueing it but its such a tight fit it keeps popping out in one place or another....basically its about 2 cm larger then the actual visor hole so i could glue it down, but i am still having trouble....can someone send me pics of a tutorial on how to do this or link me to a tutorial please???
You can use a glue gun w/ the strong stuff. Also, TK409's site has a tutorial w/ 2-part epoxy. There are some other good methods by Marrowsun (MS), Batninja I think. Go to their profiles and look for helmet/visor threads started by them.

I used the tk409 method, and it works great. it was alot easier/more effective than hot glue, or liquid epoxy
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