Help! Need helmet padding and advice!

Dragon con is less than a week away, and I have to get my Boba ROTJ helmet ready to go. I wasn't planning on getting this done, but it looks like it's all coming together nicely.

I have plenty of room in the helmet, but want to keep it off my nose as much as I can. I know there are kits for the inside of the helmet, and if anyone has one and can overnight it to me, PLEASE send me a PM and I'll pay for shipping.



Lynn TXP 0369

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If you got a fabric store near you just get the foam padding they have for sale, 1/2" or 1" should do it.
Just cut it into padds, one on the forhead to keep your nose from fitting the visor, one on top for your head, and one each side for the ears and glue it in using hot glue or what ever.



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Go to play it again if you have one for the hockey helmet. Or there are some good skater helmet padding also. I use Skater in my TD and Hockey plus MS in the Boba I am making. I can take pics and post if you like. LMK

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Oddly enough, I just went to Hobby Lobby today in search of that very item. I ended up grabbing a square of Poly Foam. It is 2" x 15" x 17", and only cost about 3.50.


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Originally I had used just a lil padding to keep my head still in the helmet. But last week I put in a hardhad liner and that keeps my head from moving!


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i've got a strip of 1" thick foam in the front, along the brow. a bit of 1/2" in the back, and some 1" in the top. basically i padded out the front enough to keep my nose happy, then filled in the rest to make it snug around my head.


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I just took some foam core I had left over from a box shipped to me and cut forms out of it.

hot glue in place.

no "nose" problem here.