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I am new to this and am starting with a rubies Jango Fett helmet. The visor in it sucks and I want to cut it out and replace it. I have seen people mention getting a welders shield and cut it to fit. I am afraid I will cut it to the wrong size since I do not have a template. What would be the best way to replace this visor? Should it be flush with the inside of the helmet of fit exactly in the space that is cut?
Thanks for your help!
It should be flushed from the inside. So it shoule be larger than the opening so you can clamp or hot glue it in.

Hope that helps. :D
Now since this is a Rubies helmet the visor is not a true T-visor. It is only a clear film up top and the bottom is actually vinyl painted black, Should I just cut the T part out with a exacto knife and use that as a template? I have seen many guys on the boards use a welders mask. From the other threads I have read I should just get one, cut it, heat it and the shape it to the inside of the helmet and then glue it in. Right? If the visor is flush with the inside of the helmet how to I fix the section of the mask that I would have cut the Black Vinyl from? I assume you can not sand vinyl and not sure what the under color of the vinyl is once I cut this out. Has anyone replaced a visor on a Rubies helmet? If so can you provide photos for reference?
Definitely cut the entire visor area out. If you can get it out in one piece, use that as a template and add 1/4" all around for mounting. Don't leave any of the old visor or black vinyl area in the helmet.

"Wipe them out; all of them!!!!" muahahahahahahah
I was going to do something a bit radical with putting in my visor (sort of a replacement, taking it out of a 97 and putting it into a 96.) I was going to drill through the front of the mask and install small screws that would go through not only the helmet, but the visor as well, keeping it secure in place. Only problem is that I'm scared to drill into my mask. Once that happens, it can't unhappen.

(I kind of did this with the 97, but used small screws and screwed it in from inside the helmet, just far enough so the screws didn't actually go all the way through.)

So, what I was thinking was using some nylon fasteners and gluing (permanently) on the inside of the mask so that they would clip the visor into place. That way I could take the visor out if I needed, but I wouldn't have to get tools out to do it. The fasteners I'm thinking of are kind of like the motherboard standoff type, in nylon. I need to head down to Lowe's to check it out. Might have to check Home Depot too, but they're not as accessible here, plus I don't like the one here.

Any comments?
Drill shallow holes in the inside of your helmet but not all the way through. Epoxy small bolts in the holes (head inside) so that all that is sticking out is the threaded portions. Drill corresponding holes in your visor and place nuts on the inside on the bolts to keep the visor in. This way the visor is secure and can be replaced a million times if you need to.

Just theory right now though. :)
You can most definitely sand those helmets. Just be sure to do it outside or over a box or something. It's a little messy. As far as the colour goes after you've cut it out just buy some acrylic paints to match the colour of the area surrounding the visor and paint it.
How would I sand it? By Hand or use a dremel tool which I have not invested in yet? What grit sand paper are we talking about? I have also seen mention of using epoxy to put visor in, anyone have a brandname?
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