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I recently purchased a finished "Mystery" helmet off ebay. I am new to the Fett stuff and very quickly becoming more educated about these helmets. I do not believe this was one of Sgt. Fang's and I should have got one directly from him. Anyway I am suspious the helmet is to small. The opening measures 9.25 inches wide and 10.25 front to back. The outer circumference is approx. 30 inches. My head is 23.25 around at my eye brow. I cannot get my pumpkin size head in the bucket, the cheeks catch my brow. Thank you for any feedback. The helmet appears to be made of a flexible white resin, I compared it to buckets on Star Wars Helmets.com, it has the correct shape and the paint work is as good as those on there, and it is well padded. My skull is just too big. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...MEWN:IT&viewitem=&item=260054531831&rd=1&rd=1

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the mystery helmets are fairly small. if i think of it when i get home tonight i'll measure my ms3 (from the same family tree as the mh)

the mlc and msh2 helmets are bigger.
The inside is a padded brown velvet material, and the detail paint work is even better now that I see it in person. The photos don't show it too well. I am very pleased with the helmet. It's just too small. It fits my wife perfectly. Guess I'm stuck as Vader and she is going to be Fett. LOL She loves me and doesn't mind helping me suit up but she draws the line at trooping. Messes up her hair. LOL.
I had a little bit of trouble putting on one of the mystery sized helmets (when I tried to put it on like I would a motorcycle helmet). What I had to do with it was put the back of my head in first, and then close it down over my face like a hatch.

Sounds weird, I know, but it worked great...
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