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This may have been brought up before. But I may have a different situation, which is I cant think straight.

I want to put install a servo in my MS3. But I can figure out how much modification will need to be done on the helmet. The pics below are what I have. Need more pics, let me know too.

Any ideas will be great. Thanks.

Ooops, I meant to put this in the Helmet secion.

Picture 011.jpg

Picture 012.jpg

Picture 013.jpg


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Hi Todd,
If you look at post #38 in this thread:


it shows a curved "slot" cut into the inner ear piece. . . although I think that's probably for the wiring to light the LEDs. You shouldn't have to do much to modify the ear piece for a servo. Maybe just widen the center hole where the stalk pivots to accept the servo arm.
Of course, I've never installed a servo, so maybe someone with a little experience will reply. :)