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I realize from my other group (Sith Training Temple) that this one question is probably the most asked, so please forgive me for re-hashing an old subject.

I am new to the Fett order, and I am starting on my own set of Fett armor.

Does anyone have the dimensions of the helmet? If it is listed in a previous thread, the thread number would be great.

My next question would be, does anyone happen to have CAD drawings of the helmet layout. I have been working on drawing Vader's mask in 3D in CAD, and would like to have the Fett helmet also. But if no one does, just another to add to the list.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hiya Chris,
I haven't got any dimensions, I'm just happy to know that I'm not the only member of the STT that cruises the TDH forum :)
Well, when you get an idea for a Fett, you have to run with it. Plus from what I hear, these guys are the best for Fett, like STT is for Vader.

Vader7071 wrote:

...from what I hear, these guys are the best for Fett, like STT is for Vader.

We are, 'nuff said!

I have a 3DS file of a Fett helmet, but it is in no way to scale. You are welcome to it if you want. Just shoot me a PM with email addy.
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