Helmet Progress with PICS...Visor Tonight!!! WIPPEEE!!

Looking Good - I can't wait until I can get started on my helmet. (I guess I have to save up enough bananas and order it first :D)

Keep posting the pics and thanks for the tip on the super glue - I think I will try screws when it is my turn to do my helmet.

That's a great looking helmet! :cheers
Can't wait to see more progress. :)(y)

whoops :eek: sorry about that. Man, we must have been out of it this past week. Need to start reading the posts more closely. :facepalm
Thanks for the correction krillindb. :)
Sorry again.
*End Edit*
BountyHunter185, that is a 95 not a 97. And i would like to say that that bucket looks very nice. I'm not a boba expert by any means but the dome looks a bit too clean. Could be wrong though. Maybe someone else will chime in.
The dome is still too clean. I am waiting to order some more grey paint so I can finish it up. But the feedback is greatly appreciated!!!
Yeah, its a great looking bucket! I agree that super glue is a no-no w/ the visor instillation. I spent many hours painting my 96 , and after an accident, my visor was cracked. The only way I could get the old one out was to use gasket/decal remover. Of course this ate all my paint off, so I had to redo it:( Keep up the good work on that bucket!!!
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