Helmet painting tips.

wright pegg2006

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Im new here. I am going to purchase a don post Jango Fett plastic collectors helmet and customize it to look like a prequel style Boba Fett Helmet. The only problem is, What kind of paint should I use??? If I use a brush you will see the brush strokes and I cand find an airbrush. Where can I find one, and how much do they go for? What kind of paint do they use???? If anyone else has some painting tips or pics of a Jango turned Boba of there own, please reply and post em!

wright pegg2006

New Hunter
PS. I will have $300.00 coming my way on Christmas eve. If anyone has a really nice Boba fett helmet youre willing to sell, post pics and tell me yur price. If its not too bad and I really like, I mite buy!


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You can get airbrushes at wal mart. Pick up a testors aztek. they're not the best but not the worst. They're pretty much like the honda civic of paintbrushes where iwata and badger are like ferrari's.
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