Helmet Painting price?


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I know for a fact that we have some great painters here on the TDH. Ive seen the work and it's awesome. So i'll be in the market here soon (next few months) to get a bucket and since I can't paint to save my life. I was wondering whats the price I'm looking at to have one of ya'll paint it for me? I'm not looking for perfect movie shot painting but I'm looking for something that says Boba Fett if ya'll know what I mean. Also any idea who makes a good fiberglass helmet?
Painting prices are going to depend on who does them and how good of a job it is. Be prepared to probally spend like 200-300
Well Ive had 1 person out of 181 offer a very good price on a ESB but im looking for a ROTJ.His helmet looks really good, might have to go with a AWOS or what ever its called. BUT if anyone else would like to pitch in here.
OK I have 3 different people that paint helmet and I must say all I really like. Matter of fact I made a print out of all the helmets and I'm going to have to ask around and see what others think. I'm not good at picking people b/c I really don't want to piss someone off by going with someone else. Like I said I'm still waiting on my helmet to get here so if anyone else would like to jump in on this please be my guest. Time frame for painting would be late Feb or March. Id like to thank the 3 that have given me the info.
Well its been made, AFettFullofDollars I sent you the PM,, Others I liked your work but AFettFullofDollars has the vote......WOW I feel bad now even if I didnt vote.
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