Helmet painting guide


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So im getting ready to start painting my helmet and I thought I would take the various walkthroughs of terminal fettler's and create a cleaner, organized website version for myself. That way I did not need to sift through multiple pages of his threads.

I went through his threads, took a list of the paints he used updated it with his note of paint color changes. I then took his steps and simplified the wording a bit to make it clearer and concise. Now, in doing so I may have removed important info or mixed up paints that he uses. So, I decided to share a PDF version here to get some feedback and make sure I have the correct paints for each section of the helmet.

If you guys could look it over and let me know if anything is wrong or confusing that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


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Yeah, thats one of my next tasks, reference photos and maybe links to the stencils and whatever else there is... I have a lot of work still, but I figured I would try to get someone to "proof read" it, before i continue.

This looks amazing!

ESB version

Might want to add in more actual reference photos.