Helmet origin experts need confirmation


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I know I just read a post about the origins of some fett helmets and their authenticity or lack of.....
I am asking for help from some of the senior members that know the true backstory of this particular helmet I am interested in purchasing. It is an auction and not sure if it might be someone on here selling it....If it is Im not doubting your description but for the money I would just like to confirm it.
I wont post the sctive auction link as I dont think its permitted but I will cut and paste the description provided as well as the pics provided in the auction.....any insight would be appreciated....Jason

Here is a rare licensed Boba Fett helmet that is no longer made. Made of fiberglass from the original helmet, this helmet was made in low numbers before Don Post was sold to Paper Magic and production stopped. This low number "3" helmet is unique from all others made and has NOT been altered when purchased new. The paint more closely resembles the helmet from "The Return of the Jedi" as all others made match the "Empire Strikes Back" paint. Also the way this helmet was painted differs in that a silver base coat was sprayed first with color added after. This let them distress the helmet by scratching off the top color coat. All other helmets the silver was added after. Another unique feature is the range finder has working LED lights, no other DonPost Deluxe helmet has this feature. Made from fiberglass and fully padded and lined with brass display plaque showing this is #3. Original wholesale was $500 and retail was $1000. Use buy it now for a great deal on this rare low numbered helmet. Winning bidder to pay actual shipping and insurance with M.O. within 7 days.
I have little doubt that's a DP Deluxe..

edit: well, I guess I should let the pictures load before I open my big F'n mouth. anyway, it looks identical to the one that was being sold on RPF about a month ago. same blue mark same silver base paint job.
That was up foer auction before. If I remember correctly, it was an authentic DP DLX. I had one that was in the 300. I paid 500 wholesale for it. As far as the information about the paint process (silver being first on only the first few) is incorrect. Mine was done with silver first followed by the other colors. In fact, mine still had some of the blue frisket left on it!
Yeap, everything on it says Deluxe. In fact, that very same helmet, if not the same photos, were featured on the first Fett Ref CD as TK765's. Not sure if he is still the original owner, but I'd have little concern over its authenticity.
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