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hello im new to this board but i have a question already.

i got my chest armor done with and painted and now im trying to figure out a way of making my mandalorian helmet.

i got that site www.tk560.com/fett but i have no printer and its not too helpful cause it doesnt really say much about making it. but yeah i was wondering what are some good ways of making it? and what sorts of things i need besides time and patience cause i have plenty of that.

Hey welcome to the board. I am also new here. I have found that most questions I have are already answered somewhere on this board. the search function is great. if you have a specific question/problem just try searching and you will probably find what you are looking for.

I am just getting started on my Fett but I am sure once I really get into it I will be asking questions a lot more.
the biggest thing is experiance, dont expect to make something everyone wants to pull there pocket books out to purchase from you the first time you make something... get out there.. play with cutting material if your going scratch, mess with shapes and such, make cardboard cut out replicas first (much cheaper then using sintra and messing up etc) my first helmet was for haloween last year and it was literally a plastic bowl, 99 cents, some carboard i had laying around, some paints, 3 bucks for all of em, lots of blue carpenters tape i had laying around, 2 pink pearl erasers (1.00) and limo tented plastic. (had the tent leftover and my fathers work got me the plastic for free) it worked for haloween and it got me some ideas for the next. I used a rubies 97 latex "mask" helmet for my most recent, pics are around here someplace of it. Reshaping and fiberglassing it was difficult for my first time.. but rather fun.. and I wouldnt go back on the week and all the effort and money I put into it for the world.
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