Helmet liner- where and what kind?


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So I'm going to be needing to line my helmet soon, and I don't know where to begin to look for foam liner. I tried a local Modells looking for like a replacement liner for a football or baseball helmet (even hockey would've worked) but no go. I search ebay for "foam" and get about a million hits, and foam liner gives me about half a million. =) Is there a specific brand or keyword I should look for? Should I be looking at a specific store? please let me know!



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I recently saw a photo where someone used industrial strength velcro to install their hard hat liner in their helmet so they can take it in and out with ease. I think I'm going to take that route as well-plus it looks a whole lot easier than fitting and epoxying a bunch of foam in place until it fits etc...What a mess that'd be once the foam starts stinking as some funky microbes start to grow in the super moist/sloppy-wet ultra hot atmosphere inside a bucket ones been wearing for the past 3 hours. Before long you'll have to hang Xmas tree air freshener's in there. Plus that bacteria will eat up the foam alot faster too. Then you'll have a real mess taking that out and glueing in new...I think I even have another hard hat liner I'm not using-it's a used one and is scuffed up and needing a cleaning but useable if anyone's interested...



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You can also glue some foam to the inside helmet. It actually works pretty well.

For sure.

Foam of any kind is terrific, whether it be the sports padding kind or that textured packing material kind it is really comfortable and has give so that you don't need to really adjust it. When i tried a scratchbuild i picked up a batting helmet at a thrift store and took the foam padding out of it. This in my opinion is the best kind because there are pieces for each part of your head and the stuff around your ears would have a hoel so you could still hear