Helmet Guru' help required

Hi Guys

Picked this up at a Con. over the weekend and just wondered if anyone knew of it's origins ?

Basic info is, it's made of F/G and is slightly larger than my 97 DP, I've spoken to HH and he thinks it's probably a DP re-cast, just wasn't to sure on which one, no biggy to find out, I'm happy as Larry with it, would just be nice to know !

Well here's a few pic's hope you can help. Sorry they're a bit big !




Thanks in advance

Hi Jodo

Thanks for the info.

The prize is knowing you've made a fellow Fett head even happier now that he knows what he's got ! :)

I bought it in the UK, cost me £130, so about $230, which considering you can pay that for a kit and the fact this has been built and painted (the pic's don't do the paint job justice !) I thought that was quite resonable ?!