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Can you guys give me the technical schametics for the blinking LED lights in the range Fire. And the voice amp that makes the sound after you talk, (like the stormtroopers voice amps with the screaching soung like walkietalkies). Please give me the tutorials or links. Give it to me expect the ones at dented helmet fett tutorials.
Welcome to TDH.

This has been said by so many people before (including me), but the search button really is your friend. I typed in LED and it came up with a few threads. A brief scan down them revealed this:


read down, you'll see a great pic of Vashstampede's LED PCB, then further down (9th post on the thread) you'll see he offers to print off the schematic for any one. Give him a PM, he's a stand up guy and hugely helpful, I'm sure he'll assist if he can.

Don't take this as a dig, but it can save you time if you use the search feature before posting a request for information. Usually when people see a question to which the answer can be found relatively easily with a bit of research you'll get a long silence in response.

I did it for you this time to:

1) Help you out, and
2) show how easy it is to search for info

On the question of a static burst amp, these are available, but why on earth would you want one? If you're doing a trooper or scout costume, great. Check out the RPF, I'm sure they'll have what you're looking for. Neither of the Fetts has a static burst after their speech when wearing the helmet so discussion of that topic is unlikely to get further responses here.

Hope this helps.


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thanx for the reply but I want to know the technical stuff. I read that thread before and it dosn't help. Anyways, I would like to make my own static box so I could place it in my gauntlet and wire the damn thing to my helmet. "I DONT HAVE BAD SPELLING, MY RIGHT HAND IS STILL RECOVERING FROM A HOCKEY INJURY AND I HAVE TO TYPE WITH ONE FINGER SO SHUT UP!"
yes a chill pill for sure :D and welcome to TDH If nobody on here can help you maybe you could try over at the Replica Prop Forum.
well I cant because I cant sign up for the forum because I use hotmail as my email device and they only allow emails that are not free serviced. Can anybody automaticly put me there so i dont have to worry about killing my dsl and getting aol?

Fdapress wrote:

Han Hunter's "::Edit poor spelling!::" remark wasn't directed at you. He went back in his original post and edited his own typos.
Some of the electronics can be bought in kit form as "practice" pieces for soldering and can be found at a couple different sites. I think the voice amp can be bought at Radio Shack, and the LEDs for the range finder can either be blinking LEDs themselves, or a small circuit that can be assembled, the bord is too big to fit in the rangefinder itself, so the LEDs could be wired through the stalk, and the bord mounted in the helmet. A small mercury switch can be added in the top of the range finder to turn on the lights when the range finder is down, and off when it's up. I believe Hobbytron is a site with a couple of these kits.
Thanks BF, Yeah it was my poor spelling I was on about, not FDA's. :)

Secol, FDA is right. I tried to sign up @ RPF with my yahoo mail account and it denied me due to a free mail account. I doubt I'll lose any sleep over it.

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